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Welcome to Abstra

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Abstra is an open-source Python app and dashboard builder.

🧩 It simplifies building UI for Python processes in multiple ways, from a drag-and-drop editor to dynamic forms created with a UI-generating library.

☁️ Our community Cloud offers 1-click deploy, scalable hosting, cron jobs, webhooks and more. We also offer premium features for enterprise teams, such as built-in access control.

🧠 Building from scratch is expensive and time-consuming, while no-code platforms end up in lock-ins and logic limitation. Instead, Abstra combines the best of both worlds: build robust applications in a fraction of the time.


Make sure you have Python 3.7 or higher installed to use Abstra.

Open your terminal and type:

$ pip install abstra

If you already had our previous abstra lib installed, use pip install abstra β€”-upgrade instead.

Creating or running a project​

To open the editor, use the abstra serve command. If you're starting a new project, point to an empty folder.

$ abstra serve ./your-project-directory

After the server starts, open http://localhost:3000/_editor to start editing in your browser. You can also access from your custom IP address.