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Deploying a Workflow

After building and testing your project, you can ship it to production with our cloud deploy.

Deploying your project

Simply press "Deploy" to deploy your scripts.


This will deploy every file within your folder onto the cloud console, except what's specified in .abstraignore. Make sure you have everything you need for your project inside that folder.

You will be redirected to the "Builds" screen on the console, where you can monitor your build's deployment.

What is the Cloud Console?

Our Cloud Console is where editors can configure and keep up with projects in production, monitoring stages, builds and execution logs. It is also where you can configure the project's shared environment. This includes:

  • Production logs
  • Production env vars
  • Subdomain settings
  • Production kanban
  • Tables (our native PostgreSQL db)
  • Files

In the console, you can also invite other Editors to configure and edit your projects, and Users to operate your deployed Workflows without editing access.

Accessing a Workflow in production

Once your build's status reaches "Live", you're good to go! Your Workflow has been deployed and is ready to start automating.

After the deploy, a new Workflow run will be created every time the initial stage is triggered. It will run through all stages as indicated in your Workflow.

This first stage can be triggered manually – through a user filling a Form – or automatically – by a Hook that receives an HTTP request, or a scheduled Job that runs.

You can keep track of Workflow and stage executions via the Project's Kanban and Logs.