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A Workflow is a sequence of Python-coded stages.

These stages can be orchestrated to create complex business processes. They can run entirely automatically, or they can engage with users through manual inputs.

Each stage can be one of four types: Job, Hook, Form, or a plain python Script.


Use Transitions to connect Workflow stages, ensuring a smooth progression from one stage to the next.

A Transition will move a Thread forward as soon as the previous stage finishes executing.

To add a Transtion, click once on the stage to open the menu and click on "Add transition". You can also use the T hot key.

Logic Stages


Use a Condition stage when following stages depend on values established in previous stages.

In this case, the "Credit engine" script gives us a credit_score value. Depending on that value, we want to send the application to either an automatic or a manual review.

To do this, we'll add a "Policy" condition that points to the credit_score variable. We set the desired value for the variable in each of the following transitions.


Only string values are currently accepted in a Condition. We're adding support to other types very soon.



Section coming soon.