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Cloud Console

Abstra Cloud is our comprehensive cloud solution designed for running and sharing projects with ease and efficiency. There, you may create an organization and invite colleagues to collaborate on projects.

Project Settings


Builds are distinct versions of your project that are created with each new deployment. Use this interface to track builds by their IDs, creation dates, and current status.

Deploy a new build directly from the local editor.

API Keys

API Keys are used to authenticate the local editor with the cloud.

To generate a new API Key, click "Create API Key", assign it a name, and then copy the key for future use.

Env Vars

Environment variables (Env Vars) enhance security, especially when sharing code among peers.

Add new environment variables by clicking "Add Environment Variable" and providing a name and value.


Utilize environment variables in your project by importing os at the start of your code. Retrieve a variable using os.environ.get("ENV_VAR_NAME").


Logs provide critical insights into application usage and are instrumental for debugging.


Values registered as environment variables with 10 or more chars will be automatically registered as filtered strings for stdout and logs. Filtered strings will be printed as <MASKED> in both systems to prevent credential leakage. Consider always using even longer passwords to avoid brute-force attacks. This feature is disabled in development, in which logs aren't persisted.

Subdomain Settings

This section allows you to set a custom subdomain for your project, which will be reflected in all shared project links.

Organization Settings


You can add colleagues to your organization by using their email addresses.