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Connectors provide out-of-the-box integration with external services such as databases, email service providers, Google solutions, etc.

Setting up a Connector in Abstra Cloud is intuitive. Here's a brief walkthrough:

  1. Select the Connector Type: choose which service you'd like to integrate with.
  2. Assign a Unique Name: this name will be your reference point to access this particular Connector in the future.
  3. Provide Essential Settings: add data necessary for set up, such as an API key.

Once these steps are completed, your Connector is ready for action. Effortlessly access and integrate it into your local Abstra environment. Here's how you can retrieve a connector:

from abstra.connectors import get_connector

connector_name = 'my_connector'
conn = get_connector(connector_name)

Interface and functionalities are specific to each Connector. We'll dive into each type, outlining unique features and capabilities in the pages ahead.