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Building a Workflow

Now that we have two stages, we can build a Workflow.

In the "Workflow" sidebar tab, you'll find the Workflow editor. Here you can orchestrate your process by connecting stages – ensuring a smooth progression from one stage to the next – and adding logic stages.


In our flow, we want the user to fill the Onboarding Form first, which will then trigger the Greeting Script's run.

We will use a transition for that.

To add the transition, click once on the Onboarding Form to open the menu and click on "Add transition". Click on the Greeting Script to choose it as the following stage.

Now, as soon as the Onboarding stage finishes executing, the transition will move that instance of the process to the Greeting stage.


You might want to add some logic to a transition, besides simply moving along as soon as it finishes. Condition and Iterator stages allow for that. Learn more here.