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Tables are the easiest way to manage your database. You can create, edit and delete tables and columns visually. The database is a PostgreSQL instance on AWS.

Access Tables

Tables is available on Abstra Cloud. There you can create, view, edit and manage your database.


To edit data from inside your projects, you can run SQL from your code. Just import the run function and write plain SQL.

    from abstra.tables import run
from abstra.forms import display, read

all_users = run('SELECT * FROM "users"')
display_pandas(all_users, label="All Users")

id = read("What is your ID?")
data = run('SELECT * FROM "users" WHERE id = $1', [id])

    from abstra.tables import run
from abstra.forms import read, read_email, read_phone

name = read("What is your name?")
email = read_email("What is your email?")
phone = read_phone("What is your phone number?")

run('INSERT INTO "users" (name, email, phone) VALUES ($1, $2, $3)', params=[name, email, phone])

To run locally you must be authenticated.